They claim that drinking beer after work helps reduce stress

In a time as hot as summer, what you most want is a cold drink, and if you like beer, we have good news because after having a drink, stress reduces stress and prevents aging according to research.

You can have one or two beers, according to the study of the American Society of Human Genetics, as they discovered that people who drank alcohol often looked better with respect to their age.

Drinking beer after work reduces stress. Best of all, barley drink also helps reduce stress, which is one of the main factors of aging. To reach these results, the scientists performed DNA tests to know the health status of beer drinkers and noted that doing so after work helps to counteract fatigue caused by routine.

(You may be interested in: beers that contain cancer-related pesticides). So, if you want to get a little free from the work tracks, go to the bar and have two beers. Science is saying that!

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